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GAGA is VERY POPULAR AT RONDOUT VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL GAGA is VERY POPULAR AT THE RONDOUT VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL Mr. Lee Cutler played GAGA as a kid at summer camp and one day this summer, he had a vision: “If we build it, they will play.” And when an...
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Kristine Barnes is a dedicated and hardworking Rondout staff member who runs the School to Work Program and TIP (Therapeutic Intervention Program). Kristine recently wrote a grant to RVEF to provide TIP students a 12 session course with Cori Nichols at Hudson Valley...
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Exciting new books for young readersCollaborating with Kerhonkson Elementary Librarian, Kathleen Turner, RVEF Grant Award made possible the purchase of close to 100 Graphic Novels.These books build on Book Series that students already enjoy and put new series into the...
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Clark Institute – MASS MoCA – How To Look At Art, Ideals of Beauty & The Impressionists – Fall 2018Prior to the trip, students were asked to start learning the vocabulary involved in describing a portrait. This included a detailed list of parts...